Tuesday, January 29, 2008


well it seems kids are leaving me alone now.
i haven't heard anything else about a lawsuit or anything, but i apparently won an award

in any case, i think i am going to head to charleston or myrtle beach in South Carolina.

it'd be nice to see the ocean in warmer weather than when i was in New York.

this might be my final stop, i am not sure.
i got a little bit of money from my parents, mainly for the window of my car. i dunno, i am going to see if i can try to play a show or something to try and get some cash. the only thing is that like, outside of playing shows, i don't know if i'd need to get some kind of visa or permit if i picked up some actual job somewhere. i don't even know if i would want to go through all that hassle as it is.

i talked to Samantha last night. she heard about the whole fracas and called to see how i was doing. then we just kinda bullshitted a bit. made her laugh a couple times, which was good to hear.

i'd also like to thank Jeff from ap.net for being real cool to me throughout this whole thing. haha i think it's rather ironic that this whole thing started with some Kerouac inspiration, and the dude who's been coolest to me throughout the thing goes by Neo Cassady.

i'll have to buy him a beer if i cross his path on this trip.

time for food.


Anonymous said...

You're still an asshole. If I were Across Five Aprils, I would tie you up in a chair and set you on fire in front of your entire family and dyke of a girlfriend.


Lorelei said...

Sounds like you have been getting into heap of trouble since the last time I read your blog. I'm not really into the Across 5 Aprils stuff that you posted, but I still don't understand why all these "anonymous" posters are making such a big deal out it. Music should bring people together, and that is exactly what you were trying to do in good conscience.