Friday, January 11, 2008

If you told me a year ago...

So i'm here in Johnson City, Tennessee. Got here yesterday.

This has cost more than I anticipated. But that's fine.
I'm still having a good time.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have just been spending more and more time driving as well as outside of whatever motel I end up staying at. I'll do a little catch-up.

One of the nights in Atlantic City, I was relaxing in the bar in the Borgata Casino, just minding my own, and a woman next to strikes up some conversation. Straight cougar style. I only say that cause I called my friend Veal Chop back in Ontario, and he told me that's what you call a woman that hits on younger men. I don't know why, but I find that the most hilarious thing I've ever heard.

In any case, she's a graphic design teacher from Minnesota, early 30s, in town for the weekend visiting friends who are also milling around the casino. The conversation is fueled by gin and tonics and a mutual respect for Pearl Jam. Her friends came by, and we went to a bar called Gypsy Bar. Swanky.

The usual ingredients come together for what usually comprises a cliche course of these kinds of nights: sitting closer, leaning in closer to talk, more drinks, the occasional light touch, drinks, eyes connect, an inviting smile that parts lips for a surprisingly bad kiss.

Seriously, disappointing. But at the moment, inconsequential. Hormones driven by lust, loneliness, and alcohol tend to make anything else inconsequential.

Everything seems to be going toward it's inevitable conclusion, until, for some unimaginable reason, she tells me she's married. Somehow, I honestly missed the gigantic rock on her finger. Seriously, it was huge. I'm sure she could sense my confusion/frustration as she started rambling off into justifications: 'You're so much more interesting than he is', 'I wish I never got married', 'Guys don't pay attention to me anymore', etc.

I almost started laughing. Why on EARTH would you bring that up? AFTER making it to teh point where you're going to take someone home with you?

I look past her at her friends, who are also either making out with or flirting with guys at the bar, and she mentions that they are ALSO married.

A pack of cougars, all with oblivious mates somewhere else in the wilds of Atlantic City.

I decided to make it back to my hotel, sans cougar(s). Yeah, I know I should have just gone through with it anyway. There was no way I'd have to deal with any jealous husbands or whatever. But I guess that's just not my scene.*


There's not too much else that's worthy of writing down.

I didn't make it to D.C. cause of some brake issues with my car, so I went straight through Lexington to Loretto, Kentucky for a couple days. Went to the Maker's Mark distillery and considered accidentally falling into the fermenting vat and drinking my way out.

Made it to Loretto into a Holiday Inn and took in the local record stores and a shows, got some footage and music of some also. I'll post it later though, as I'm headed out to catch whatever nightlife the local venues can offer.

Sans cougar, please.

*no, i have not forgotten about my issues with same. believe me, there's plenty more i can write on that, and most likely will over the weekend.


Lorelei said...

Any plans on coming through the midwest? Pick me up and i'll keep you sound like fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I would've banged the shit out of all of em...but that's just me.