Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still here...

So i'm still here in tennessee.

So far, the trip has been like one of those scenes in a movie, where it's a montage of nonstop excitement, and then reality or some other kind of evil sets in

As such, I had been on a roll on this trip without a destination, and I suppose the "without a destination" part is setting in finally. While that is no great evil, the amount of money I spent, and have yet to spend is a looming one.

Not unexpected, but enough to give me pause. At least in the sense of I want to have a little more of a plan, especially should something drastic or desperate happen.

In any case, sitting around has given me time to reflect, which for this blog usually means longer than necessary posts, haha.

First and foremost, I haven't thought about Samantha at all. I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, yeah, now that i take the time to think of her, I miss her. Perhaps that is my reality check, the whole reason I am even on this trip is because of her. I don't even know what she's doing, how she feels about my being gone, etc.

I'm sure I can imagine, or I could just check her myspace or facebook or whatever. But I don't feel compelled to at all. And that's what is making me uneasy about it.

If you've read this at all, you've seen my post about cougars. Not once, did it cross my mind as to what she would think if she ever read it, nor did she enter my mind at all when it was actually happening. Any spiritual, practical, or useful enlightenment or growth I wanted out of this seems to be supplanting everything I held as "mine" or "myself" before.

Of course, I may also just be hungover. And, I've just been away from everything for so long, I imagine teh sentiment may change when I get back.

Damn, I haven't even talked to my family, nor anyone from home, now that I think about it.

I'm also wondering about money. I'd like to still keep out here, maybe head to Florida or chill out till Mardi Gras, but I will definitely need to make some money if I do. I can probably stay out till sometime in February, but if I try to work it ou (which I did), something cool or big will have to happen by the 19th. In whatever drunken mathemagical haze I was in, budgeting my remaining funds led to that date as doomsday.

I do have my guitar though, I could probably do some open mics or something. Gigs.

Anyways, and speaking of which, I've been spending time crawling through the racks of record stores and I've seen a couple shows, all that.

This is basically just a dump of stuff I've come across or already had:
Some band called Secret lives. shitty quality, but it gets the point across.

***i removed these***

Here's a band called Inchworm, a Sparklehorse/Wilco style band.
Lost Days

Tom Schraeder and His Ego, Ryan Admas/Paul Westerberg style. poppy, but he's got hooks for days, man.
Easy Way To Cry

hey whatever, this whole ramblin' man trip makes me feel like listening to singer-songwriter shit.

backstage somewhere in Lexington:

mmmm. maker's mark.


Lorelei said...

I liked what you posted from Secret Lives. Have anything else?

baby j said...

i adore secret lives but you should really have some respect for them and not leak their new songs on your blog.. their cd comes out next month and it would be nice if their fans had something to look forward to instead of people like you leaking it all over the net... the song is amazing and i can't wait for people to hear the new album.. but you really are being disrespectful by posting the new stuff on your blog without their permission.

T. Bizzle said...

Wow, what a douche!

It's called a RELEASE DATE for a reason!

Secret Lives owns your fucking soul, anyway.

chrisX519 said...

lorelei - yes i do! i am thinking of putting more up.

baby j - i understand that, but i mean you gotta look at it like content wanting to be free. maybe this will get them more fans. i dont know what their stance on it is, but i mean, what's done is done. i won't take it down.

t. bizzle - yeah well fuck you. i bet you listened to it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Chris: Secret Lives posted a bulliten telling people to flame you for having the one song up. I wonder what they would have done if they knew that the last album they recorded leaked two weeks before it dropped in stores?

fats said...

so i guess you just are too poor to actually pay for other peoples work?

Ashley said...

anon... you're just one big pussy of a nark. "oh, they said to flame you." no, they didn't. they said go listen to the song because this shit was bound to happen anyway, maybe it would get them more fans, and then leave him a comment calling him a prick. lightheartedly, not to trash anyone. so fuck off you spoil-sport.

and whatever blogger guy, it is messed up that you just posted it when you should have asked permission first but i'm glad you're feeling their music. they're a fucking amazing band that everyone should be down with.

chrisX519 said...

anon - they would probably say "man we're glad it got us so many fans". and ashley burned you, man.

fats - well, you're reading this on a free blog, fats, what do you think?

ashley - thanks. i do like their stuff. maybe i just have a different view on all of this than other people, but i still think i'm helping out. if people feel so bad about it, they should go buy the album anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Secret Lives!

I like this song

Chris, i would fucking break your legs if i knew who you were.

buy there shit, and enjoy the stuff THEY release.

fats said...

i mean i think if you are a fan of smaller bands that can use as much support as they can get you should have just advertised those bands websites on here. that way you are supporting music you like and getting their names out. but not enabling people to steal music they have worked on for months and months. but hey, what do i know.

chrisX519 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amos said...

you guys are pathetic! you are the people who downloaded the fucking song. get a life instead of coming down on some college kid who tells what he enjoys listening to while on a road trip. how old are you, you little shits? why do you just let bands tell you how to feel. tell them to quit bitching and go make more music. as the bands fans, just listen and enjoy the music chris gave to us for free. you all shouldn't have downloaded it in the first place if you felt he was wrong for doing it. whatever, done with reading piss poor childrens comments bashing a true fan of music.

Anonymous said...

amos said...

i think you should shut the fuck up.
Everyone here just likes secret lives and we want them to make it. Which they have but still the dude shouldn't put shit up when their cd is coming out in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

btw this isnt material any real secret lives fans havent heard before.. that song was on their myspace for the longest time as a demo..