Thursday, January 3, 2008

Atlantic City, Music Thoughts, Samantha, and Food

So I am at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.
I'm gonna head to the buffet soon, but I figured I'd give an update.

Darren just took off back to New York, so I'm back on my own again.I'm here for two more days, and I'm thinking I'm gonna try to explore the city some. Last night I hit the card tables, and roulette. Darren freaked a little bit that I like roulette, mainly because it's probably the only game where the odds are completely random, and there's no skill involved. Pure luck.

His thing is craps, and i just don't understand that mess at all. Anyway, I came out $73 ahead, so I'm good.

I may even hit a music store. I'm always split on downloading vs. buying music. No political or personal convictions on it. Usually a matter of laziness. I've been digging the new Radiohead album for a little while, and I figure I may as well buy it. "Reckoner" is probably the best song on it. Probably that and the new Machine Head, and Between the Buried and Me's last one. That song I got from that Farewell To Freeway band I met before leaving Oakville is still in my head, surprisingly. I should probably see if I can find any of their shit as well.

I don't think it would kill The Human Abstract to release a new album either.

Maybe I'll try to hit up a local show or something as well.

I called Samantha last night, also. No answer. I'm sure she isn't happy that I took off. Our conversations have been mainly through text messaging, and usually only one way. I don't really know what to say to her, much less what to say about it here. I would like to say I wish she was here, and while I do mean that, I think it is more my emotional attachment speaking about it, than what I actually want. I will probably try again tonight.

In less depressing news, I saw this Mars Volta video on her MySpace. Their last album disappointed me. Quite a but actually. I'm all for experimental and progressive music, but I felt they dropped a lot of the music for progressive masturbation. I mean, you have to remember to put a song in there between all the intellectualism and indecipherable lyrics.

In any case, this song gives me hope. More precisely, their new drummer gives me hope.

All right, I'm hungry. Wonder if I can make some friends for the next couple days. If not, I can always hang out with Whiskey.



Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are you leaking new songs from a band that hasn't even released their CD yet? You fucking asshole.

chrisX519 said...

oh great. now i'm an asshole for helping spread a band's music.

i bet you listened to it, too.

this is getting ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Yeah dude, that shit sucks if only you knew how hard it was for a band to make money

chrisX519 said...

well maybe all you guys can go to a show, and give them money that way.

cd sales dont do anything for them. i'm a musician and i've played the game a bit, i know what im talking about.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Chris. i think it's fucking pathetic what you're doing.

chrisX519 said...
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chrisX519 said...

oh whatever.

the bands will be fine.

i am helping them out probably more than you will.

i bought merch and paid to see them.

now i'm spreading their shit for free, get over it.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are truly a pathetic piece of shit. no wonder you're so desperate and USED to be in a band. saying you are a musician doesn't make you a musician, especially if you are doing everything in your small frame of power to bring other TRUE musicians down in one of their only ways to be supported. not that im worried or suspect f2f to be concerned one bit, they've always delivered and i hope you realize how weak you are and get what's coming to you as well as a life somewhere along the line.