Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Homeboy Hotel

sorry for the small pictures.

i'm in asheville, north carolina right now (as of Sunday, i got there faster than i anticipated).
haven't done too much crazy stuff. i went to a place called Stella Blue to catch a show, ended up making friends and all that. i find it surprisingly easy to meet people once i mention my trip. i usually start with Kerouac, which is met half the time with enthusiasm, and the other half with "who?". saying "I'm from Canada, eh?" usually does the trick.

i don't understand the American fascination with "eh". i don't even say "eh" outside of those situations. though i suppose i also don't understand things about the States either. none come to mind, though.

anyway, i ended following some people to some place called Homeboy Hotel. oooh man. what a place. here's a bit of a rundown, what i learned about it in my drunken stand there:

Christmas tree has been up for 7 months
drunken debauchery, a sin bin. hell on earth, but sooo, sooo fun.
4 bedroom 2 bathrooms
lorded over by Justin and Gay Chase.
Gay Chase is their in house gay guy
Will no longer in existence at the end of this month.

try to imagine that. as i don't think i am going to post too much more here, for reasons wrapped in *'s later.

i called Samantha when i got here Sunday. she answered this time. it's so...awkward isn't even the right word...i don't know. Cold. we talked for a little while, just about small talk bullshit as if we had just met each other. *she's read my blog*, it seems, which made things ultra-tense, but nothing came of it. the long silences between words argued and spoke enough for us

there was just a lingering disappointment in her voice, which made me uneasy.



in lighter news, here's today's music bits. some video, some audio.

first some videos. sorry they're broken up. they're from back when i saw Across Five Aprils. kinda crap quality too. oh well.

***i removed these***


Check this shit out. Andreas Kapsalis Trio. the guy plays the guitar like a piano, 8 finger tapping or whatever, with two drummers. and i think he plays "drums" on the body of his guitar too. intense stuff.


New Mars Volta video, Ilyena


No songs to post, but check out Portugal. The Man anyway


i'm thinking of starting to post full albums even. unless links are just fine with you guys.


acrossfiveaprilsfan said...

yo dude your a fucking prick i heard you leaked across five aprils music and shit? wtf asshole.

Anonymous said...

dude what the fuck? cant you wait till the album comes out to put songs up?

Anonymous said...

good shit leaking the cd! fuck waiting

Anonymous said...

why would you be a prick and leak out across five aprils new cd. there's a lot of work that goes into the production of making an album and anyone who downloads it is not only stealing from the band but their also stealing from the people who produced, mixed, and engineered the album as well. It's hard enough for bands to go out an tour all the time due to the price of gas and the way the US economy is right now.

Anonymous said...

alright wrap your minds around this one you idiots...

you download the cd now then the cd comes out in stores than you buy it i do it all the time they still get their money and i get the music i want ahead of time so quit your whining if your so against it don't download it than...

chrisX519 said...

seriously. i don't understand why this is such a big deal. go buy the cd when it comes out, enjoy a free preview or whatever the fuck, just get over it.

what the hell is that all about with the US economy, seems like you can swing a bat with your eyes closed on myspace and hit 20 shitty bands who are managing to tour, so fuck off.

i wonder how many of you pissed off about it still downloaded the songs, whatever.

i dont need this right now.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what is being leaked, the music is good. Thank you for the tunes. I am not one for downloading, but new music is always awesome. The Dead to Fall and Farewell to Freeway are my favories. Check em out.

Anonymous said...

This new song is fucking sick!
Sucks it's leaked but.. thanks! Still buying it.

Anonymous said...

you're such a fucking godwad.

Anonymous said...

to bad the new across five aprils sounds like shit

Anonymous said...

ok so let me guess for all of you people who are for illegal downloading. If you were in a band and spent many long months writing new songs and many hours in the studio recording and some asshole leaked you album out on the internet you wouldn't be pissed. I know I sure as hell would be. and as a fan I would rather wait to her the new songs when the album came out because it's more exciting that why. it's like if you celebrate christmas and you find out what your parents got you. btw this is the second comment I've posted.

Anonymous said...


a5asucks said...

dude!!! Its badass that you leaked that shit, screw across five aprils out of everyhting you can! They are sexist assholes that make out with 13 year olds while they are on tour. As a respected promoter in the Chattanooga hardcore scene, I HATE ACROSS FIVE GAYPRILS! Please continue what you are doing, they rape everyhting that is good about music. Thanks buddy!

Anonymous said...

quit bein a dick....why the fuck did you leak the a5a album...dick move dude.

Anonymous said...

Fucking prick.
Leaking a5a.

suck a dick.

Anonymous said...

yo shit for brains.
stop it.

Nk said...

to the guy who ripped this, how about you start a band, invest hundreds and hundreds of your personal cash, spend 80% of your time on tour trying to make ends meet, borrow large sums of money from a label to record an album, to try to be able to afford to keep making good music and then watch someone leak your hard work all over the internet before its even out...

if you went to a show you clearly appreciate their music in some respect, so try see things from their point of view! now you know the band clearly arent happy with you sharing it, why dont you just take it down?

Anonymous said...

Not cool dude. At all.

a5a_will_break_your_face said...

not cool man... but cool at the same time
too bad you have to be the dick that leaked it huh?

Boots said...

Very uncool to post that track without permission. It's obvious the band isn't really amused either so rather than allow this to go on you should have respect for the band who made it and take the song down. At least you could wait until the CD was released but even still that's not cool.

Anonymous said...

it is a big deal because you fucks wont go and buy the album. so stop being fucking gay and leaking shit.

Anonymous said...

go suck a big one fucknut

Anonymous said...

Wow, americans are annoying. Thanks for the up!

just never say this again, "i dont need this right now." You sound like a mom.

G.W.Bush said...


show the band that u made a mistake





Your President of the United States of Across Five Aprils

G. W . BUSH !!!!!!

chrisX519 said...

did you guys even see put other music up? do you guys not care about them?

i don't understand all this hate.

well, i suppose i do, but it's unnecessary. i don't even know how i all of a sudden have a ton of kids bitching at me for putting a song up that apparently weren't around for the millions of other posts i've made.

in any case, i don't care. this is beyond ridiculous and i have more important things to worry about than what legions of teenagers think about me.

and mr. president, i apologize, and i thank you. that post comepletely brightened up my day.

radioheadwilco said...

it might be the fact that A5A is telling people to harass you. at any rate, maybe the band should have been slightly more intelligent, perhaps following the ways of Radiohead? or perhaps the band shouldn't worry that ONE SONG leaked. lordy lordy, we're all going to burn in hell. never mind the fact that you can easily rip songs off of myspace...

quit your bitching, i'm sure all of you "purists" downloaded it anyways..

Anonymous said...

I kind of understand why A5A would be a bit angry, but I the only pity I have for them is because they trusted someone and it backfired. I've had that happen plenty of times in my life.

The days of large record labels are numbered and I couldn't be happier.

As to the comments asking how someone would feel recording an album and then having it leaked? I'm a musician and I don't care. I'd rather have as many people hear my music and get promotion from it and make up for the costs with vinyl and other merch sales (not cds). That's why I'm releasing my album for free later this year.

Note: I didn't download the album, since I'm not a fan of the band, but I felt like commenting.

Anonymous said...

It happens with every album
Get over it.
its still gonna sell

Anonymous said...

Well, personally I download and rip from myspace constantly, but I gotta say man, it was dick to steal the only existing advance copy of the CD out of their fucking van. Low, you fuck. I hope you choke on your own tongue.

The Emo Cow said...

the real travesty here isn't that across five aprils had a song leaked; it's that across five aprils still has fans.

some of the worst music ever. those dudes need to get serious. if they sue you, sue them for harassment.

and maybe I'll start a class action lawsuit for the pain they've brought to my ears and so many others out there who actually had to listen to their wretched soulless music at a show.

adam said...

haha. this is great. thanks for leaking it, i haven't been able to find it anywhere. a5a nut huggers are the best. o and i am one for downloading.

chrisX519 said...

i feel like a goddamn broken record saying "this is getting ridiculous".

but each time, this is getting MORE ridiculous.

now apparently the band wants to sue me? and this shit has made it to the front page of buzznet?

give me a goddamn break.

In Fear For Us All said...

fuck you you little cocksucker.

its because of little shits like you that guys like me are starving.


Anonymous said...

I think it's really immature how they're posting bulletins to bash you.

.... said...

It is a big deal because some kids only download it and never buy the cd or anything. I know this because I used to do it until I figured out what a crappy thing it is to do. You are just giving those kids who don't pay a source to get it from. If nobody gave them a source than they'd have to buy it if they really wanted to hear it. I could give a shit if people stole from Walmart or some other large corporation, but stealing from a band that most likely needs all the money they can get is wrong. Oh, and you're a douche bag.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is stupid.
anyone could have leaked this.
but its one song.
come on.
its simple enough to rip it off myspace, yet people are bugging you about it.
get a life kids.
just because some band told you to give this kid shit for "leaking" it doesnt give you the right to.
its not like you've never borrowed
a cd from a friend and copied it.
its the same thing.
except that would be the whole album.

side note to a5a: encouraging harassment and hazing is also illegal.

Anonymous said...

if i ever see u in an a5a show. ur goin down

Anonymous said...

listen here you little shit who posted a5a's new song. I hope that if you're ever in a band that the same shit happens to you. Cause that would make my day.

l.a.l. said...

you die hard A5A fans, know that it is possible to subpoena your Internet Service Provider or your blog host for your real identity. So if you decide to talk tough be ready to account for your words.

Anonymous said...

Not taking a side just making a note. Labels make their money from record sales. Bands make their money from touring and selling merch. Ironically the band’s money goes back into paying for the tour and more merch. It is a viscous cycle

chrisX519 said...

seriously, i don't need these goddamn threats. take what l.a.l said to heart.

especially because if i DO get in trouble, you can bet i won't be the only one getting letters from the court.

A5A SUCK DICK said...

wow. it's a myspace rip. and the song sucks anyways. ACROSS FIVE APRILS ARE GIANT FAGGOTS WHO LOVE LITTLE GIRLS!!! i hope they break up soon...bands make money off of merch sales. they don't make shit off CD sales, and TONY BRUMMEL is a tool.

countrysky-glow said...

number one, it's one song. get over it.

number two, in this kind of music scene, are you really that upset about it? a5a's fans are all teenagers (most of which are broke) so they probably won't buy the cd anyway. speaking from experience, they will, however, pay to see a show. and isn't that what really matters?

number three, all the little kids hating on this dude are only doing it because a5a and victory are asking them to so they think it'll make them cooler or a better person or a more hardcore fan or just more hardcore in general. in truth, they probably all downloaded it and wouldn't have bitched if victory and a5a never said anything.

number three, (not that i know this for sure) most bands play new tracks at shows before the cd's been released. so i'm sure fans have already heard the song live or were going to shortly anyway.

lastly, across five aprils sucks anyway. since when were they even cool? they're doing this shit for publicity.

Anonymous said...

People that say they download and then go get the CD after it comesout are full of shit. You download it, put it on your IPOD and thats it. There is no happy ending. You all screw the bands you so adore. And no I don't download. And Chris they accuse you of stealing that disk from their bus.

Anonymous said...

You are all niggers. Eat shit.

Anonymous said...

People that download are black.

Anonymous said...

All you people leaving comments are queers...including myself.

Anonymous said...

Dude you are a prick

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many of these anonymous comments are actually across five aprils posting over and over again hahaha

Anonymous said...

Why should they care as long they're song is being heard? Are they really that fucking concerned about all their money and richness to bitch about somebody leaking music?