Sunday, January 20, 2008


so i had to deal with a firestorm of threats and insults all weekend because of music i've been posting.

this has been way ridiculous. my bad for trying to help out bands i like.

whatever. people act like i killed a member of a band. this will probably piss more people off but whatever, it will probably increase tickets sold also. if you guys are pissed off i am sharing music, either stop reading the blog or go help the artists if you like them. i've got to fill time between more interesting stories on this trip anyway.

don't have much music for today. just a Dead to Fall video i found online of a new song, which i ripped and put on youtube

***i removed this***

i'm off to North Carolina.

blog later.

1 comment:

ian said...

you dont help bands when you steal their music and leak it before its released. that's not 'helping' its commonly referred to 'fucking'(or copyright/intellectual property rights violation), and you didn't even buy them dinner first. you're lucky you just get flamed and there wasn't litigation.

seriously, pull your head out of your ass, man.