Monday, January 28, 2008

Fuck "If life gives you lemons..."

So I have been away from my computer over the weekend, and now I am apparently I am going to be SUED.

Are you fucking kidding me? Because I posted a song? For helping a band out?

First off, let me clear shit up.
we know for sure it was him.. he did it in a real shitty way.. we were allhanign out on the buss and we let him hear it cause he was being cool at the time… he snuck behind our back to steal the only copy of the record that exists..
We were all drunk on Maker's Mark, and they fucking gave it to me. They didn't say anything about an exclusive copy or no other copy existing. And if it was, they should have been more careful with it.

I have enough goddamn drama going on right now, that I do not need to worry some band with lots of money on a record label complaining because a song inevitably leaked onto the internet and their hypocrite friends harassing me even though I bet they all downloaded the goddamn song anyway.


T$ said...

first a5a said to DL it because its out there, which i think was dumb because then it gives you more hits and makes you feel like people actually like you.
no one but you and them can ever know for sure how you got the album, but either way it doesnt give you the right to post it in your blog for everyone to download. not now and not after the record drops. sure they got money but selling the record is how they make money, thats their lively hood. to quote the movie friday "playing with my money is like playing with my emotions." you should quit being a douche and take that shit down. thats just my opinion which honestly means nothing but im just letting you know as a true fan of A5A and music in general.

Jeff said...

This is how things like this work: I had never heard of this band until they (or apparently Victory Records) threatened to sue you for this. Now I have, and now I'm never going to listen to them because they're being assholes about something that would get them exposure. I'm glad things like this work in their favor.

And regardless, albums leaking is common practice these days. Fuck bands that get anal about shit like that, and fuck Victory. Good luck, man.

Anonymous said...

t$ is rite an that douchebag jeff can jus suck your 2inch dick. u kno he wants to.


monkey said...

dear jeff,
Maybe you have heard of them now, maybe it is giving them exposure...if i were in a band, i probably wouldnt care that much about a song being leaked, but to each is own....The point is, these bands have asked him to take the song down...asked nicely, and not so nicely, so why the fuck does he keep it up? Out of respect for them, he should take it down...problem solved. But no, this kid has to be stubborn and for whatever reason, not take the songs down, now he's gonna get his ass handed to him. Maybe he will learn a lesson...odds are he wont.