Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You've got to be kidding me

i was robbed last night.

specifically, my car was broken into.

this is fucking crazy. i have to get a new window, which is going to cost waaay more than what i have. which i suppose is fine right now, but going back, i am going to fucking freeze.

goddamnit goddamnit goddamnit

i don't know what to do. they took my GPS thing. yeah, it's my own goddamn fault for leaving it in there, but i don't even care about that, i can use a map but i am freaking out about this window. i don't even know how much it will cost.

god i am rambling now.

this fucking sucks.


Anonymous said...

Good you prick. Serves you right.

chrisX519 said...

fuck you

Jeff said...

Welcome to one of the shitty things about the States. Car break-ins happen way too often; I know at least three people who have had it happen even in places considered very safe. However, it's only as bad as you make it--seize the opportunity to hang around the South for a little while where it's warm. And obviously heed it as a warning to make sure you take all your valuables with you, especially overnight. Hope things start looking up.

--Jeff (Neo Cassady from

Anonymous said...

Good, I hope they do it again and kill you next time.

chrisX519 said...

jeff: thanks man, i appreciate it

anonymous: well christ, that was unnecessary

Anonymous said...

I suppose karma is just a bitch

And everyone has called the karma police on you

I seriously can NOT believe you'd leak something completely not yours and then want sympathy for something you deserved

eatmyasshole said...

haha bitchass