Tuesday, February 12, 2008

of all the things...

i got some messages about my post yesterday, and people are confused.
and not without surprise, as after all, i came to whatever fucking revelation i had about how much i missed samantha. i almost even went back home, for her.

until she broke up with me.

she read my post about what happened in Atlantic City. it's my own fucking fault for leaving it up, yeah whatever. but that's not even the worst part. at least that's understandable.

the worst, is that she fucked my best friend, Veal Chop.

on top of all the craziness that's been going on, my best friend fucked my (ex) girlfriend.
so what can i say, maybe i was emotional, maybe whatever, so i wrote that my thoughts on farewell’s lemmings song, cause at least michele is someone that has touched me and made me have hope.

Michele wrote an email about the leak thing, and well, what can i say, she was very sweet about it, like she was when i met her back in December. so i just started writing. i can wallow in all of this misery but i also have hope and faith that there is something else i can get out of this damn trip i'm on.

i have dreams and i'd like to think that something's there. i can't stop thinking about her. i hope she believes in fate. maybe it is fate, after all, i met Michele and the band right when i decided to make this trip. i wonder what she'd say if i saw her again?

anyway, laugh all you want, poetic justice, or whatever the fuck, cause i don't need it right now.


Anonymous said...

So you post people's music, go after "Cougars" in Atlantic City (you should go get tested), your girlfriend breaks up with you and now your are obsessing over a girl in a band that you hardly know. Your blog has been quite humorous I will admit but now you just seem like a deranged person that has some very serious issues. The only Cougar you should be around is Freddy Krueger you sick son of a bitch. You also write like a moron also,

Anonymous said...

You sir, are a golden dude. I back you 100 per cent. The kiddies will be bored soon and head back to Myspace.

Keep your head up high and most importantly, keep blogging.

Take care.

chrisX519 said...

to anonymous 1: haha well what can i say. at least you keep reading.

to anonymous 2: thanks. i'll keep blogging whatever crazy shit comes my way.

Anonymous said...

At least you have stopped stealing. Probably to get Michele from Farewell to Freeway to talk to you. (She is pretty cute by the way.)

Frank Saunders said...

Holy Fuck! Am I good or what?

When I said your girl was banging Veal Chop, I was only being a dick (Although I did have hunch).

Well, If you have learned your lesson to not be a pompous asshole, then I fell bad for you. Cheatin' sucks.

If not...Go screw I guess...

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Women are all whores!

Anonymous said...

man Jason Tate is one big cunt

Anonymous said...

Why did you hack the Victory site???

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony Brummel, this message is for you. Basically, you are possibly the biggest DOUCHEBAG ever. We all know you only started Victory Records because you yourself were a fucking shitty, failed musician who can only make a living by bullying people. For more information, you all should certainly read more about Tony here ( Its called THE HORROR, by a former employee): http://www.wideopenwest.com/~botchla/thehorror.htm

So there it is Tony...You are a fucking joke any everyone knows it. Go fuck yourself Soapy Jack...oh yeah, forgot to mention that this is his nickname from high school. He got caught jerking off in the showers, so please, lets all refer to him by this proper name.

Thanks for reading...FUCK YOU TONY