Monday, February 11, 2008

not giving in...

the majority of you have stated that I should remove these tracks. i am doing so because that is what the majority of you said was the right thing to do. so i am posting links to the band’s mySpace pages (on the right) in case you want to check out their music. what is the difference anyway, right? this should make everyone happy.

hahah i mean really. i gave some good promo to some bands that i like and met. i am really falling in love with farewell to freeway especially. i can understand to a point why the bands were upset and why they had victory have a cease and desist sent to me. tony at victory was actually cool about everything and told me that the bands were upset when i did not listen to them and that he has to defend them when asked. michele from farewell sent a nice message as well. so if i offended you i am sorry. sometimes my passion can take over but i never wanted to hurt anyone.

in other news i am not going home. i am going to “keep on truckin’” as they say down here. i am meeting too many great people and have a feeling these experiences will be with me forever.


Mallory L. Hall said...

Would you be willing to trade links? I have started up a music blog and am looking for some exposure.


Barry said...

I'm glad you decided to take the songs down. I am very good friends with one of the bands and I know that they probably didn't whine and complain to Victory like some may think. They are very rational people and I think that things got way out of proportion and then it just became a game to win.

Anyways, I hope all goes well for you. I really think none of this would have happened if you took the songs down when you were first asked. I hope you still enjoy listening to the bands and are still a fan even though all this has happened.

Good luck.

Frank Saunders said...

Why don't you really just call it like it is...You got scared because you knew you were gunna get fucked in the ass BIG TIME!!!

Shit, I wouldn't have wanted to take the pounding you were about to take!

As far as Tony saying the bands came crying to him...I call BULLSHIT on that! The bands would have never seen a dime from any records sales from label (Remember Hawthorne Heights???). It was Tony who started that whole thing because it takes money out of HIS pocket.

He's got a business to run, and business is NOT good.

Now stop trying to play the victim while all the time you're are the one at fault.

Now go the fuck back to Canada! We're done with you here.

Anonymous said...

People try to do nice things for labels they like and they get boned.

It looks like you were just trying to give Victory bands more publicity. I guess they can't appreciate that, but no one should say that you are a cause of decreased album sales or band success. Look at any Victory album released in the last 2 years and see how much it is going for on eBay.

Typically, they will go for about $1 a piece because Victory will sign practically any act out there. However, the album drops, individuals hear it and scatter like cockroaches.

If Victory would go back to being a niche label instead of releasing anything under the sun, sales would improve and individuals will actually want to buy albums out of the Victory catalog, instead of being encountered with 200 copies of the disc going for .05 on eBay at any one given time.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, glad you took that down. It's clear why they're so protective of it. They were hoping to sell cds based on the 'reputation' of their label but they can't do that if you're giving it away. Granted, I'm not sure you could even give that music away. If you're a fan of the genre, you probably bought that same cd and numerous others 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Victory sucks. I'm sure anything that Tony claims the bands have said isn't true. Hell, Dead to Fall even posted a blog explaining that they download music too. This whole deal has just made me realize that I shouldn't support that record label.

VictoryHatr said...

yeah, fuck the whining victory records. they have screwed so many of my friends, both in bands on the label, consumers and me personally. Tony can and should suck it.

boombalonga said...

man, don't back down. fuck those cry-baby bands. do what you want, not what others want you to do.

Anonymous said...

Ur a FUCKHEAD dude, go die in a hole and never be found..

Anonymous said...

LMFAO these bands made them therefore they belong to them and aren't allowed to be pirated unless THEY say so.