Wednesday, February 13, 2008

maker's mark

i had way too much last night. i am still in pain.

and according to a comment on my last post, Victory included their news post about me in their newsletter.

haha. at least it's getting people to read the blog.

i need food.

Veal Chop called me last night. Seriously. "I'm sorry dude, i didn't mean for you to find out this way...".

why do people say that? what better way is there to find out about that? he acts like he was going to do me a favor.

oh well.


Anonymous said...
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Randy Wells said...

if you don't want people listening to your music for free, then don't make it. as long as music exists people are going to download it for free because paying $.99 for one song is ridiculous. so fuck you victory records.

chrisX519 said...

damn, settle down guys.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes, I'm the chick that posted yesterday about the victory newsletter. This is what they actually said:

"At Victory we give away a lot of free music to help expose our artists. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that do things that are illegal, upsetting and sometimes offensive to them. Dead To Fall, Farewell To Freeway, Secret Lives of the Freemasons and Across Five Aprils have asked us to make a news post about one such person. He could have easily embedded VictorStream (which was mentioned to him) on his blog to share music and video but chose to continue to do otherwise. He has been asked nicely by the bands to take down their material. When he refused we had no choice but to defend our artists' wishes by having a more official "take down" letter sent. The bands would like you to let this person know what you think by going to his blog:"

They also posted a link to a related news article at, which mainly consisted of across five aprils being whiney bitches and saying you stole their CD.

AND they posted that picture of Zak from across five aprils saying this :"And by the way, Mr. Xavier, Zak from Across Five Aprils has something for you. You can rip it off by clicking here"

Is this a record label or a high school clique? Sue their whiny asses.

Anonymous said...

see man, this is what happens when you trust people named "veal chop"

chrisX519 said...

i guess, man.

Kerosene said...


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Thanks bro'
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